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Important Announcements - Updated 6/28/2024

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Living with Poisonous/Non-Poisonous Reptiles in New Mexico


ALWAYS call 911 first with any emergency and give the operator the County you live in and then Timberlake subdivision north of Ramah, NM.  We are in District 55 for fire emergencies. If you see smoke call 911 and report its location.

6/28/2024 - End of year report

6/12/2024 - Meeting Agenda

6/6/2024 - This month’s Board Meeting will be Saturday, June 15th at the Ranch House 10:00 am.

5/27/2024 - 2024 Board of Directors

5/26/2024 - 2024 Election Results

5/22/2024 - Resignation Announcement 1

                   - Resignation Announcement 2

5/19/2024 - "Time-Sensitive Announcement from 2024 Elections Committee, with Board Approval - May 18, 2024

Regarding Due Dates for Proxies & Ballots - and - Electronic Submission via Email Now Available”

5/11/2024 - Notice regarding E-Ballots

4/11/2024 - Using TRLA Ranch House Cameras-now you can

3/27/2024 - McKinley County Alerts

3/22/2024 - Spring Edition of the Timberlake Times Newsletter


TRLA 2023 Survey Results

Timberlake Ranch property owners If you want to receive board meeting Zoom invitations, email Robyn Cox at rgumby470@aol.com  to sign up.

Most recent TRLA Board Meeting Agenda


TRLA BOARD Feedback Survey

The Board would like to see more feedback from Timberlake landowners who have not yet completed the Google survey.  It doesn’t take more than a few minutes and additional new landowner emails have been added.  Please use the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfU_9enVTOVkPUI_tGQo6AKuBX6PWMGokcH9ihnKlvwR 7Ok_A /viewform?usp=sf_link


Quorum for May 25, 2024 Annual Meeting

Attached to this email is a Quorum Proxy form that is needed for the TRLA Annual Mtg on May 25th as well as the Special Meeting to be held in the afternoon.  Our HOA Bylaws require there be 20% of Members in Good Standing (physically present or by proxy) to conduct business and voting on May 25th.    We were unable to meet this standard at the last Annual mtg in 2023 so we are starting early.  Why is this so important this year?

You will be able to actually vote on removing an obsolete section of the CC&Rs.  It takes 51% of landowners to do this at a Special Meeting with a 20% Quorum of Members in Good Standing.  (Article II Section B of the Bylaws) The Board is proposing removal of Article IV Building Restrictions Section 9 (Tanks and Receptacles).  This is spoken of in the Board Meeting minutes September 2023 (Arch/Main Report/CCR Violations and New Business) trnews.info website under BUSINESS

Security Camera System

We are having a delay in releasing a linkage for landowners to view the area and weather conditions around the Ranch House Commons.  There was some internal software that we were unaware of and it is preventing what we originally planned.  A fix is in process.  In the meantime, we encourage landowners to read the Security Camera Policy that is on the trnews.info website under Rules and Regulations.

Alert: If you live in Cibola county and you call 911 it will go to Grants and then the call may not happen or it will get dropped. You have to call McKinley county dispatch as the only way you will get Timberlake fire department paged out. 505-722-2002.  (12/7/2023)

In case of fire and evacuation:

1 Leave doors unlocked

2 Windows closed

3 Front light on

4 Move all wood and flammable wood away at lease 30’

5 Clear all debris away from propane tank

6 Prepare important documents to be in one place to grab

7 Prepare for your pets

8 At lease 16’ culvert for driveway for our large fire trucks

9 Mark Septic and Wells with red flags

10 Sign up for EverBridge alerts

Thank you in advance, your Fire Department




Please register by clicking on the link above for your county (Cibola or McKinley) so that you will automatically be notified of fire/evacuation info by the incident/unified command personnel. The alert can go to a land line, cell or email.  All types of emergencies (ie: amber alerts, power outages, etc.) are also included.  This system is the most efficient and quick way of communicating to all landowners.

The Well and Bath House is open April 1, thru October 31, 2024. The Ranch House will have water, but for limited recreational use by landowners. (The TRLA Ranch House Well and Bath House are typically open April 1-October 31 - annually.)

Landowners can pay Fees by Credit Card

Continental Divide Power Outages

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