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Important Announcements - Updated 1/24/2022

Properties for Sale by TRLA -  none at this time

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The history of Timberlake Ranch The Rest of the Story

Timberlake Ranch Equipment Building construction project (7/10/2017)

Restoration & Renovation of the Ranch House  (5/16/2017)

Thinking About Building?

Gallup Recyclng - how to…

From the Webmaster

Timberlake Ranch has keys!!!Keys, many and they actually work. Just wanted to share. Forms are on the website. Call Steve Wills 505-783-2457

Latest edition of the Timberlake Newsletter

Posting on Criminal Trespass posted August 2016 (from page 33 of the NM Hunting Rules & Info Pamphlet for 2016-2017)

Newly updated and more inclusive information on:
Emergency Evacuation & Neighborhood Watch topics

Please be diligent with your projects, your surroundings and your environment.  

Remember: be safe and if you "See Something say Something"

Book Room is Open Tuesdays 1pm to 4pm.

Upcoming TRLA Board Meeting Agenda (Only Linked when available)

Register For COVID-19 Vaccinations - From The New Mexico

Dept. of Health

Zuni Announcements in descending chronological order

Updated Announcement - Zuni COVID-19 5-17-2021

From the Medical Director: at Zuni Hospital/Covid-19 Vaccine

is available to anyone who gets their primary care here (seen within the past year) or a Zuni person.  If someone does not have a chart here they should register through the DOH.  Dept. of Health New Mexico.

Zuni Transfer Station update (5/5/2021)

Living With Large Predators in New Mexico

Communiqué from New Mexico Department of Game and Fish 8/2/2020

Subject: Timberlake Subdivision

We have met with the association before on bears, cougars and other information at your community center. It has come to our attention recently that occupants have had trouble with a bear in bird feeders. Officer Lackey will be dealing with it as it pops up. We need help with getting the word out about bear concerns. Mostly situations with bears eating food set out for birds, squirrels, deer etc. Can you please inform the occupants that we try are hardest to not move bears for getting into bird feeders. We have even cited individuals that continue to set out bird seed during bear conflicts. We can not move a bear in the State of New Mexico to suitable habitat that doesn't already have bears. This creates a higher mortality rate for the bears, meaning either the bear we move or the bears that are already there will be pushed to lesser quality habitat through territorial behavior, hit on highways or killed by other bears. "A fed bear is a dead bear" is a cliche statement you've probably heard but its very true when it comes to the bear's future. There is no reason biologically to feed birds this time of year and it only leads to bears escalating bad behavior. I know its fun to see different bird species utilizing the feeder but its not worth it when it attracts bears. Please help us spread the word to your association, to at least temporarily remove any bird seed, hummingbird feeders etc. as they are creating a nuisance by attracting bears and acclimating them to the neighborhood in a negative way. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at the number below.


Sergeant Jeremy Smith

Estancia, Belen, Grants, Gallup Supervisory District

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish


7816 Alamo Rd. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87120

Living with Poisonous/Non-Poisonous Reptiles in New Mexico

The Latest COVID-19 information updates from:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website
New Mexico Department of Health website

Public Health Advisory-Testing And Travel Guidelines for New Mexico

The Timberlake Fire Department burned the 2 wood “burn pile” Tuesday beginning 2pm. As of Dec. 29, the only thing left is… Ashes.

Hello TRLA Landowners from your Board of Directors.

As an additional way to serve our TRLA Landowners, the Board of Directors are proposing and will be discussing, upon return in February, the changes to this policy statement below. We hope you will find this a helpful way to stay informed.

This will be discussed at length, beginning February 2022 and we need landowner input on this topic.

Policy Statement

Recreational use of Timberlake Ranch Property by non-landowners is strictly prohibited unless there is approval by the recreational lot landowner AND TRLA Board of Directors at least two weeks in advance.

Recreational landowners hosting non-landowners that are neither relatives or friends on their lot MUST inform the TRLA Board of Directors in advance for approval if they intend on not being present during the camping period at least two weeks in advance.

In the recent Landowners meeting a new CC&Rs Review Committee was formed: Andy Yearly, Julie Farrell and Killarney Martinez, Chaired by Maryann Armijo.  This Committee will review all reported potential CC&R violations.  If you have questions or concerns regarding a potential violation please address them to the CC&R Review Committee by sending an email to Maryann Armijo, TRLA Vice President:  maryarmijo611@gmail.com  Information for the individual submitting the report of potential CC&R violations will be kept confidential amongst the Board. Mail all Concerns and Violations to TRLA HC61 Box 767 Ramah NM 87321. Attention Maryann Armijo.

This is the official web page for the TRLA

- not Facebook

Public Service Announcement

If you are not vaccinated and you begin to feel flu like symptoms including: tiredness, coughing ,difficulty breathing loss of taste or smell, loss of appetite, or fever Immediately go to the ER  Please DON’T WAIT!!!!!


Please send payments to:

Timberlake Ranch Landowners Association

PO Box 264

Corrales, NM 87048

All other correspondence should go to

Timberlake Ranch Landowners Association

HC 61 Box 767

Ramah, NM 87321


Recent Continental Divide Power Outages

All About Fire Prevention, Wildfires & other Fire-related topics

Fire Restrictions, Alerts and Related Items


Wildfire Preparedness Is Year-Round - Don’t Depend On Luck

The first 0 to 5 feet around the structure, known as the immediate zone or noncombustible zone, has the greatest impact on fire risk.

Clean up dead vegetation from last season that gets trapped against your house, under your deck, and against fences. Keep any plants in the 5-foot zone irrigated and pruned.

Replace mulch from around the base of your home with a non-flammable material such as river rock or pea gravel.

Don’t store firewood, gas cans, lawn mowers, cardboard or other combustible materials next to your home. Move these items at least 5 feet away from the outside walls of the house.

TRLA burn ban continues Sept. 2021

The BURN PILE IS Open April 1 until January 20 (typically) - annually

The Timberlake Volunteer Fire Department is asking for your cooperation in not using the cut across through their parking lot to Wolf Road from the mailboxes. This has become a major safety issue for fire equipment/personnel and includes all vehicles such as cars, trucks, ATVs and UTVs.  


ALWAYS call 911 first with any emergency and give the operator the County you live in and then Timberlake subdivision north of Ramah, NM.  We are in District 55 for fire emergencies. If you see smoke call 911 and report its location.

Timberlake Watch Group Coordinators – Nancy Wills – 1-505-783-2457 or 1-505-975-0528

Code Red



Please register by clicking on the link above for your county (Cibola or McKinley) so that you will automatically be notified of fire/evacuation info by the incident/unified command personnel. The alert can go to a land line, cell or email.  All types of emergencies (ie: amber alerts, power outages, etc.) are also included.  This system is the most efficient and quick way of communicating to all landowners.

The TRLA Ranch House Well and Bath House are open April 1-October 31 - annually.

2021 Annual Meeting Thank You's

Timberlake Times Newsletter Editor

This position is currently open to any TRLA landowner to:

Prepare, organize, and distribute the newsletter electronically, via email and the website.

Send resume to:

Sharon Axtell trlasecretary@gmail.com  

Or 505-783-0808.