Stitchers Meetings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 am at the Craft Room at the Timberlake Ranch House.

The Ranch House Stitchers group was formed in 2016 for the purpose of sharing knowledge and learning more about sewing and quilting. The group gathers each Thursday at 10am in the Craft room at the Ranch house from May through September each year. Judy Haverstick has been the Facilitator with the help and input of each member or visiting talent.
The first hour is spent with “Show and Tell”. Anyone who would like, brings something interesting that they have made or just want to show the group. There is an amazing variety of talented people in Timberlake who are willing to demonstrate or lead a class in various hobbies.
We then start working on a project or planning the next ones. After a break for lunch we continue until 2pm or so.
The result has been a really fun group that learns something new and creative each week.
The first year we made a scrap quilt and had a raffle to make money to acquire more supplies and tools.
The last year we made a quilt from the ties that were donated by Linda Pedersen. Again, the raffle was a success. The winners of the raffles are drawn at the Labor Day event at the Ranch house each year.
The current quilt being constructed is a “disappearing nine patch” quilt. We plan to be able to start selling raffle tickets at the Ice Cream Social in July.
ther projects too numerous to mention such as table runners, pot holders, and other smaller sewing projects have been completed with many of them being donated to be sold at a craft event.
We are planning to make a patriotic quilt to hang permanently in the “History” room at the Ranch house, honoring all our Veterans. Many other projects are in the works for this summer.
We want to thank all those who have donated machines, fabric, supplies, etc.  Many sewing machines have been donated as well. We are always trying to use the donated items, so would appreciate any donations that we can use in sewing or quilting.
Our group is open to anyone who is interested. Please come and check it out.

Judy H