Timberlake Ranch CC&Rs


Second Proposed Amendments to the CC&Rs

Proposed Amendments to the Codes, Covenants, and Restrictions

What’s The Next Step?

The last mailing for Landowner feedback to the proposed amendments was mailed out on the first week of September 2018. Final feedback deadline was October 10th 2018.  The Committee has reviewed the feedback and has made the additional changes.  The modified proposed amendments have been reviewed by the law firm representing TRLA – Hays &Friedman, P.A. in Santa Fe.  Their feedback has been incorporated into the amendments.  The Board of Directors have signed off on this final set of amendments and now it is time for Landowners to vote on this finalized set of amendments.

This process will follow the same guidelines that were used in 2008/2009 when 5 separate sets of CC&Rs were combined into one document.  There will be a mailing to all Landowners to vote with a deadline.  The votes will be counted using the same previous validation method.  If there is not a majority of Landowners voting up or down, a second mailing will be sent only to those who did not return a ballot and another deadline.  There is a possibility a third mailing may be required.

Who gets to vote?  Only Members in Good Standing (definition on page 6 of CC&Rs) are allowed to vote.  If Members Not in Good Standing vote, their vote will count at the end of the voting period only if their status changes and their lot is compliant.  This will all be spelled out on cover letter in first mailing.  There are 743 lots and potentially 743 votes.  The 51% will be calculated from the number of lots current on Association dues.

The proposed amendments can be found on the trnews.info website under Documents and are current for the voting to begin for Landowners so that they may review them again.  Only the changes to the proposed amendments were mailed out as the entire CC&R document would be too costly.  Please call a Board Member if you do not have internet capability!