Paying Landowner Fees by Credit Card ONLY!

You may pay your landowner fees by credit card using this link.

You may not use this link to pay by Debit Card.

We DO NOT allow or accept Debit Card payment.

You will need to enter all information required to make payments to TRLA. Be sure to enter your Account number Exactly as it appears on your invoice: 7 characters, C or M (for the county) ## for the Unit, ## for the Block and ## for the Lot, appearing in that order. Failure to enter this information correctly and completely prevents payments to match the lot for which they are intended.

There is a 3 ½ % transaction fee added to the payment amount that pays for the credit card service provider.

Enter the email address where you want to receive an receipt for confirmation of payment.  If you don't see your receipt within a reasonable amount of time (1-2 days) check your Spam folder.

Pay by Credit Card