Minutes of TRLA Board Meeting October, 2006
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David Skinner, President, called the meeting to order at 10 am.

Present: Board members David, Skinner, Anne Gilpin, Ted Rodda, Duane Barbano, Eileen Domer, Jerry Toellner, Linda Pedersen, 13 landowners and 2 guests.

Board Quorum established.

Linda Pedersen read previous board meeting minutes from September 9, 2006. Correction was made to state that Burn Pile Policy was to be reviewed in 90 days and not every 90 days. Ted Rodda moved to approve minutes as corrected. Jerry Toellner seconded. Approved.

Treasurer's Report:

Eileen Domer reported the following for the month of September.

Deposit Account 54,783
Operating Account 370
Reward Fund 1,513
Savings Account 2,186
Total 58,853

Assessment Fees
Current Year 2,115
Previous Year 810
Total Assessment Fees Collected 2,925

Key Income 38
Donations 130
Total Revenue 3,093

Other Outflows
Copier 135
Grader 572
Total Outflows 19,003

Notes Receivable
Woodland Lot 20,000
Sagebrush Lot 12,640

AMT. STILL OWED 26,922.89

" September expenses higher due to insurance premiums were due for liability and Directors/Officers, legal fees and Federal/State taxes.
" The $20,000 Woodland Lot sale owed should be deposited next week according to Escrow Company.
" Number of lots still owe includes those that made partial payment in July with balance to be paid in January.

Linda Pedersen moved that the Treasurer's report be accepted. Anne Gilpin seconded. Accepted.


Architectural & Maintenance Committee:

Ted Rodda reported the following:

" No requests for architectural design approval received this month.
" Update on Lot 74. Posting of TRLA property signs and parking area for safety. This has not been completed as ranch tractor is inoperable and needed for the project. Lot 74 has been put on hold until tractor is repaired and weather permits.
" No report on CCR violations this month.


Linda Pedersen reported the following:

" Bylaws have been finished by the committee and presented to the Board.
" Revised Bylaws will be forwarded to Cassutt, Hays, Friedman Law Firm for legalese by the end of the month.
" Copies of Revised Bylaws will be sent out to all the membership after legalize.
" The committee has started on the CCRs with their first meeting on 10.13.06.
" They have acquired about 8 different New Mexico Association's CCRs to use in research. All pertinent information is being typed up to be disseminated to committee members to begin work via email. Only three members of the committee are fulltime residents.
" Adoption of Bylaws requires "Special Assent of Membership" as stated in the Articles of Incorporation.
" Newsletter going out first week of November will have article in it explaining the whole process and potential timelines.


Duane Barbano stated the following:

" "May be unfinished business for a long time".
" The well is for use by the membership and as reported before being used by nonlandowners taking significant amounts of water.
" We don't know how old the well is, how deep it is, or the age of the pump and if the practice of nonmembership use continues, we may find ourselves with a non-operating well and no funds to replace it.
" The survey being taken is for knowledge as to how much water is being taken and how often.
" The Board will issue a key to those landowners that have completed the form. So far about 8 have been received in the last 4-5 weeks. All of them have been members of the association.
" There have been notices posted that the well will have an additional lock placed on it on November 1st and forms will be made available at the well.

Discussion ensued on selling water to nonlandowners. Duane contended that we don't want to be a water company. Anne Gilpin would like to be put on record that we give some consideration to nonlandowners who may have a specific hardship and charge them what we would charge a landowner for dues. Limit them but not cut them off completely. Landowner reported that they had drilled their 4th well and it is still brackish spending $48,000 and still no potable water. So far they have investigated brackish companies on the internet and the cost will be $10,000 per unit. Landowner is asking for information from anyone who has specific knowledge on this.

TRLA WEBSITE: www.tlrloa.com

Anne Gilpin reported:

" After 6 weeks Anne feels more confident that a good website can be delivered
" Progress has been made with assistance of her son who has data management experience.
" Site approached from 2 aspects - administrator or user/visitor/landowner.
" Wants it user friendly and now focusing on front page.
" Defining 3 groups - TRLA Board, landowners, and visitors as guests along with level of access or restriction an individual will have according to their group.
" There needs to be some level of security and will set up conference with son, website designer, and herself.
" Access to the various sections on the navigation of website will require monitoring for appropriateness as well as ability by groups to add, edit or delete versus read/review.
" Possible access password would be landowners UBL # - unit, block, lot
" Pictures of Timberlake have been added to the front page.
" By February meeting she expects to have 80-90% of website populated for landowners to review.


Garcia/Salaz Settlement:

David Skinner reported that on Oct 5, 2006 TRLA and Garcia/Salaz signed a settlement agreement ending the litigation and finalized on 10.13.06 by the courts. Synopsis of settlement is as follows:
" Garcias/Salaz agreed that CCRs for McKinley 1-10 applied to their property.
" Garcias/Salaz agreed not to build a second dwelling on property unless CCRs are amended to let that occur.
" Garcias/Salaz will comply with Bylaws and CCRs in the future
" Garcias/Salaz agreed to move manufactured home off Timberlake (which has occurred) and associated structures would be removed by May 31st 2006.
" TRLA agreed to help offset the moving of the manufactured home for $8000.
" Going back to court would have cost up to $35,000. The Board felt if we could come to a settlement in this case we would be dollars ahead. The Garcias/Salaz felt the same way.

Previous Board President, Roger Irwin, congratulated the Garcias/Salaz for their flexibility and the Board for its ability to negotiate this settlement and noted that it was the first time in 8 years that TRLA has not been involved in litigation and it is a wonderful opportunity for TRLA and this Board.

Ranch Operation Committee (ROC):

Jerry Toellner reported:

" ROC members are driving all Timberlake roads meeting people and acquiring list of fulltime residents to make sure they have ingress/egress. Andy Wilson (Fire Chief/Landowner) assisting.
" Making priority list for gravel and repair - those who work fulltime, handicapped, school children, etc. and next the part-time landowners.
" Cinders along with gravel have been stockpiled for serious areas in the winter like "S" curve
" Putting maintenance program together for equipment.
" Need a lot of ditches trenched and culverts cleaned and looking for volunteers to pick up a shovel. Keeping the water off the road causes less deterioration.
" Looking for landowners that have a lot of rocks on their property that they can donate to help with bad culverts.
" Hydraulics/transmission/4W drive on tractor inoperable. SW Agriculture in Colorado is willing to work with TRLA in getting it repaired. Navajo Tractor in Gallup is not a dealer for make/model of tractor. Jerry moved to spend up to $500 to haul tractor to Colorado (authorized dealer) for an estimate on how much it will require to fix it. Ted Rodda seconded motion. Motion passed unanimously.
" Tractor is only 3 years old and would cost $58,000 today. It is paid for and has only 870 logged hours.
" Roger Irwin willingly agreed to join ROC to help and not reinvent what has worked in the past. ROC consists of Jerry Toellner, Chairperson, Ted Rodda, Eileen Domer, and David Skinner as Public Relations in dealing with counties. This committee with have oversight of TRLA employees.
" Andy Wilson will be burning the brush pile at TCC Ranch House per the Fire Station Policy and Bill Wolford has volunteered to separate the piles due to inoperable tractor.
" TRLA pickup is now fixed and maintenance has been performed.

Call for Volunteers:

David Skinner presented a sign-up sheet for a variety of tasks:

" Closing bathhouse Nov 1st (final cleaning on 0ct 31st)
" Blowing lines in preparation for winter
" Finishing well casing
" Assistance for filing old records
" Special projects for roads on as needed basis
" After the 1st of the year there will be a review of TCC Ranch House and looking what needs to be done for basic repairs and more substantial repairs down the road.

Ranch Manager's Resignation:

Bubba Ozee resigned effective 10.13.06. There were a series of discussions with Bubba regarding his position in relation with the formation of ROC. He submitted his resignation and the board rejected his resignation and went into negotiations with him regarding the change of his reporting relationships and what would become his new job description. After negotiations and discussion with his wife, he decided his resignation would stand.

In the transition period, landowners can contact the ROC or any board member. These contact numbers are on the trnews.info website. If it is a road's issue, contact Jerry Toellner 783-4373. The phone number at the TCC Ranch House is 505/783-4690 and these messages are picked up Monday through Friday. The emergency number beside 911 is 783-4550.


" Landowner expressed concern about the excessive speeding on Timberlake Road. Even though the roads are posted 30 mph, it appears that there is no enforcement. Landowners were encouraged to write to the County Commissioners to complain about speeding on Timberlake Road.
" Landowner who works for a local Real Estate Office conveyed that she has heard several discouraging words from landowners in their inability to build a garage in order to store building materials and live in while beginning plans for construction of main residence and what would be required by the committee to have it approved. She asked the Architectural Committee to set clear guidelines for this to occur that she could hand this criteria to them when situation arises. Another Landowner stated that it was his impression that the role of the Architectural Committee was to review plans and see if they fit the CCRs If he wants to build a 3000 sq. ft. garage, he is making a commitment for a future residence and shouldn't have to submit plans for family residence at that time. Linda Pedersen stated that the current CCRs have accessory buildings appurtenant to the construction of main residence and that this will be addressed and revised on the new CCRs. Ted Rodda, Chairperson Architectural Committee, will contact TRLA attorney to get more information on this particular subject and what can be done.
" Timberlake Road is still considered a recreational road. Counties are only obligated to come out twice a year to grade recreational roads.
" Landowner noticed the TRLA pickup had a light bar panel on it and wanted to know the necessity of it versus trying to save money. David Skinner replied that it was added to the pickup for help in security concerns as in the 4th of July incident at the bathhouse and safety concerns to Ranch Manager by landowners at the July meeting. It will help in plowing snow during the winter months. The light bar was used and purchased for $350.
" Duane Barbano moved to adjourn the meeting. Anne Gilpin seconded. Meeting adjourned.

Linda Pedersen