Minutes of TRLA Annual Board Meeting May 27,2006
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MAY 27, 2006

The 2006 annual meeting of TRLA was called to order at 11:00 on May 27th by Richard Hawkins, President at the lower ranch house.

Board members present were: Howard Williams, Vice President, David Skinner, Treasurer, and Linda Pedersen, acting secretary.
Absent: Tim Gugliotta and Joe DeLorenzo, directors.

President Hawkins asked for a moment of silence in memory of Tom Allen, a longtime Timberlake landowner, before the beginning of the meeting. Mr. Allen passed away early in the morning.

Secretary’s Report: Linda Pedersen read the highlights of the 2005 annual meeting. Landowners who wish to have a copy of the 40 page transcript were asked to notify her and she would make sure they received a copy. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: David Skinner presented the financial report. Copies were made available for the landowners.

As of April 30, 2006:
Expenses for the month: $10,769
YTD Expenses: $82,582
Revised Annual Budget: $96,155

Balance Sheet
Current assets: $37,792
Property and Equipment: $128,360
Total Assets: $166,152
Liabilities & Capital
Liabilities: $518
Long term liabilities: $24,669
Total liabilities: $25,187

Fixed assets of $23,685 were spent for a lawn tractor, pickup truck and a snow removal blade for pickup. The July newsletter will have a breakout of all outflows for what was spent for entire fiscal year.

Proposed budget for FY06-07 was presented per bylaws. There was discussion on amount of money to be spent on roads. The proposed budget shows significant increase, but there has been no proposal to raise dues. The new board will have to evaluate the budget line by line and make decisions. In December there will be a review of budget and necessary revisions will be made for the remainder of the year. There are no proposals to raise the dues.

A landowner questioned as to why TRLA did not purchase the copier instead of leasing it. It was explained that it is cheaper to lease a copier and own it at the end of the lease as the interest rate was very low and the maintenance costs are included in the lease. Mr. Williams has it in his home for security and environmental reasons. TRLA gets 2000 copies free each month along with toner.

Treasurer’s report was approved.

Old Business:
Surveys that were sent to landowners in the April newsletter can still be turned in. 88 surveys (106 lots) have been returned. The preliminary results so far are:

What are your plans as a Timberlake landowner?

10 - Camping only during spring/summer/fall months with no intention of building
10 - Investment property only
29 - Plan to build within next ___ years (14 landowners plan to build in <5 yrs.)
22 - Already a fulltime or part-time resident with a permanent structure

What do you feel should be the priority for the TRLA Board? (Number sequentially)

#5 Renovation of Ranch house
#4 Renovation of Bathhouse
#3 Rewriting Bylaws/CC&Rs to bring them into 21st century
#2 Enforcement of CC&R violations
#1 Maintenance of side roads

In order to renovate Ranch House a/o Bathhouse to bring them up to code, which would you favor?

#1 A one time $50/lot increase in assessment dues and residual going for gravel on side roads
#2 An increase of $25/lot /year assessment dues and residual going for gravel on side roads
#3 No increase
11 submitted comments

What activities would interest you at the ranch house after renovation?

#2 Monthly social hour
#1 Library (checking out books that are donated to TRLA) – 29 votes
#3 Yoga/Tai Chi classes
#4 Card games (i.e. Bridge, Hearts, etc.)
#1 Family reunions/weddings – 29 votes
13 comments for Other

To increase communication for all landowners, which do you favor the most:

#2 An electronic edition of Timberlake News delivered to your email
#1 Return of TRLA.net website
#4 Quarterly newsletter through the mail or TRLA website
#3 Monthly Newsletter delivered through the mail or TRLA website

How often do you feel the TRLA board should hold public meetings?

#2 Monthly
#3 Bimonthly
#1 Quarterly

Check the following that you would like to be considered in the rewrite of CC&Rs:

#3 Only homes constructed on site
#2 Manufactured homes with architectural standards to include height of exterior walls, pitch of roof, siding, appearance, etc.
#1 Modular homes with strict guidance to include height of exterior walls, pitch of roof, siding, appearance, etc.
#4 Guesthouses with strict guidelines as to size and appearance, ownership, etc.

There was landowner input on varying subjects such as manufactured homes, RV pads and CC&Rs. It is the wish of the board to have the CC&Rs redone and that only one set will cover Cloh Chin Toh, Timberlake South, Cibola 1& 2, and McKinley 1-10.

Road Input:
The road into Timberlake from Hwy 53 is not owned by TRLA. The first section is private (maintained by McKinley), the next section is BIA and the last is Cibola County. If landowners are not happy with the roads, they must get on the phone and start writing letters to the counties. Addresses will be given out on website. The county maintenance schedule is once/year as the road still designated as recreational. Cody Kelley (TRLA lawyer) and Pres. Hawkins are working with the county. Washboards are caused or worsened by high speed. Do not hold the board responsible for the county’s problem.

What can we do over what the county is doing:

1) We can have a special assessment which will require increased taxes. It does not necessarily mean they will spend the money on Timberlake road. The county asked the state for $250,000 last year and got $20,000.
2) Both counties helped to pay for an engineering feasibility report to bring road up to Class 3 – performed road count, etc. Chip seal base for 13 miles from Hwy 53 to Box S will cost approx. 3 million. Asphalt will cost approx. 6 million. Chip Seal is a 3 year road and asphalt about 20 yr. How to pay for it? No one wants more taxes. Option on pay can be nothing. President Hawkins has spent the last 3 weeks with lawyer’s input contacting lobbyist in Washington DC. She will write it up and attach it to a bill which can take 10-12 months and she will try and get the majority of that money back to us in the cost. Her fee is $5000/month until it gets passed. Probability success is about 80%.
3) Board needs to put the options to the landowners. Options have to be presented before October and before the session begins for the House of Representatives.
4) Keep it rural
5) There was a discussion as the why there couldn’t be a Class C road from Hwy 53 to Firehouse like it is from Firehouse to Box S.

Ranch Manager Report:
• Improvement of rods, including tree and brush control
• Gravel and ditch maintenance
• Maintenance
• Weed and brush control
• Maintenance and upkeep of Ranch House property and equipment
• Snow removal
• Maintenance of road signs
• Ranch House building code improvements
• Update Shower House
• Public Relations and pertinent Ranch information to landowners
• Replace ranch signs, repair and paint fences
• Daily Ranch Patrol and trash pick-up on TRLA and county roads (there have been no incidences of burglaries or break-ins for 6 months)
• Supervise, assist and assign duties to current ranch employees
• Organize and utilize volunteer TRLA landowners as needed

Jobs On-going:

• Clean-up and maintenance including mowing and weed-eating at Ranch House and surrounding areas
• Maintain brush piles in burn area
• Shower house improvements
• Daily Ranch patrol
• Service Equipment Road maintenance Coordinate with Ranch employees
• Road trash pick-up
• Communication with landowners regarding complaints, assistance and expected responsibility of landowners and guests
• Keep TRLA board members informed of complaints, violations and ranch problems as they occur

Current Ranch Difficulties:

• Lake access gates unlocked, left open for guests and locks being vandalized
• Excess speed on the roads
• Trash being left on lake shores
• Unrestrained animals
• Interference with TRLA employees while performing assigned duties
• Campfires during a state-wide burning ban – no charcoal barbecues
• Unauthorized utilization of ranch water supply by TRLA non-residents who have keys to the lock on the spigot

The First Annual Volunteer Lakeshore Clean-up was a success. Thanks to 14 people who participated. A very special thank you to Cindy Ozee, Judy Toellner, Linda Pedersen, Danny Montoya and Pat Burnam for their artistic expertise on the fences, picnic table, benches and interior of Shower House. The Boy Scouts have also helped out in recent days with a clean-up.

Bubba extended is appreciation for all the constructive input from landowners and offers of help from the many residents of TRLA. He introduced his new assistant, TRLA employee, Joe Poleviyaoma from Zuni.

New Business:
President Hawkins asked if there were nominations for new board members from the floor. It was moved and seconded that the nominations be closed. Approved

Roger Irwin announced that by the end of this coming week all the county road officials and their addresses on the trnews.info website. His contribution was recognized by the landowners.

President Hawkins announced that the TRLA board website will be up and running shortly. The website will be tltrla.com.

Candidates for the new board positions introduced themselves and volunteered personal views/priorities.

Duane Barbano
Kate Hammond spoke for Anne Lowden-Gilpin
Linda Pedersen
Ted Rodda
Jerry Toellner

The meeting adjourned for lunch.

Following lunch and counting of ballots, the four new board members were announced. They are Duane Barbano, Anne Lowden-Gilpin, Linda Pedersen and Ted Rodda.

The meeting was adjourned and the new board went into Executive Session.