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Please join us on the evening of July 18th to talk about any current concerns you have with our Neighborhood Watch Group.  Deputies from both McKinley and Cibola Counties have been invited, so if you missed meeting them at the Annual Meeting, this will be your chance to get acquainted with them.  Our good relationship with our local law enforcement agencies has continued to grow over the past several years.

Julie Farrell from our local Volunteer Fire Department will also be in attendance to provide us with current fire restriction information, etc.  PLEASE BE AWARE AND REPORT SMOKE, ETC. ASAP since we are in horrible drought conditions right now.

Volunteers for the Watch Group and the Volunteer Fire Department are always needed.  Contact either Mary Jo Wallen at 783-4207 or 505-269-5022, or Nancy Wills at 783-2457 if you’d like to help with the Watch Group.  Please contact Julie Farrell at 783-2423 or Andy Wilson at 783-4704 if you’d like information about being a Volunteer for the Fire Dept.

Although there have not been any reports of vandalism this year, we continue to have reports of suspicious persons and/or vehicles in our neighborhood.  It is very important to get a license plate number and description of the vehicle/persons in question.  In any emergency, call 911 first.  Tell Dispatch that you are in District 55 in Timberlake.  Since personnel are not available at our Fire Departments all the time, it is best if you call Andy Wilson at 783-4704 or Julie Farrell at 783-2423 (June thru mid-October) when you need assistance.  If you have a Non-Emergency 911 call, please use 505-722-2002.

A very disturbing incident occurred on the evening of June 18th around Timberlake Road and Aspen.  A white car driving out of Timberlake hit a deer and did not stop.  Fortunately, a neighbor saw the incident (although it was dark) and reported to us.  PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY TO PROTECT YOURSELF AS WELL AS OUR LOVELY DEER AND OTHER WILDLIFE IN THE AREA.  It took over an hour for the incident to be reported (Game & Fish rep was out of town), so it was determined that we needed our Volunteer Fire Dept. to euthanize the deer.  Our Game & Fish Rep is Storm Usrey and his number is 505-795-1935.  If he is not available, we can call the State Police Dispatch Dept. at 505-841-9224 for assistance.  Another option that we learned about a few days after the incident is that if you call Leyton Cougar, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, he can contact Game & Fish and have the animal picked up for use at the Wolf Sanctuary.  Leyton’s phone number is 505-775-3304.  Meat can be used up to 5 hours after an animal is killed on the highway.  The Wolf Sanctuary only answers their phone between 10:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

See you all on the 18th.



July 9, 2015 AT 5:00 PM


By Linda Shoppe & Mary Jo Wallen

McKinley County’s under Sheriff, Paul Lucero will be in attendance.  The main purpose of this get-together is to meet our local law enforcement officers and build/improve a better relationship with them.


Contacting Law Enforcement Authorities

Call 911 - start by telling operator your county; either McKinley or Cibola

McKinley County Sheriff 505-722-7205

Cibola County Sheriff 505-287-9476

To Report a Game Law Violation
Operation Game Thief 1-800-432-4263

Timberlake Ranch Neighborhood Watch (posted 7-13-2017)


First, I would like to personally thank Jim Zwerg for all his help in coordinating our Timberlake Neighborhood Watch Program.  Our team of volunteers worked well together under his leadership.  After the Annual Meeting this year, Jim had to resign because of some personal issues.  Nancy Wills has taken his place, so Nancy and I are Co-Coordinators.   Most of you know that Nancy is very committed to helping everyone she can and improving Timberlake in any way possible.

We also want to thank Lt. Harry Hall, Cibola Sheriff’s Dept. for attending the Annual Meeting.  Lt. Hall always has advice to help us help ourselves as well as the Sheriff’s Dept. to deter crimes in the area.  We had good attendance at our table that was set up at the meeting.  If you didn’t pick up your Timberlake green sticker for your vehicle windshield, please contact us or any of the Board members.  It really helps us identify a landowner’s property when a vehicle is left on the side of the road.  One such incident occurred during the spring “muddy” season and if the sticker had been on the vehicle, we could have saved time by not calling the report into law enforcement.   It takes time to get an answer back and in the meantime, it creates unneeded concern that a “suspicious person” could be roaming around the area.

We are happy to report that there has only been one incident reported of a break-in during the spring in the Cibola County portion of Timberlake.  There were 8 incidents reported in 2016 and 16 in 2015.  Since the “hidden key” was used to enter the house, we feel it wasn’t a stranger.  However, items were stolen and a report was supposed to have been filed with law enforcement.  REMEMBER, when you file a report, it would be helpful if you would provide us with a copy of the report.  It’s especially important because if we see any similar incidents occurring in both counties, we can contact law enforcement and provide them with this information.  

We’re hoping to have another law enforcement meeting later this summer.  When the date and time is available, we’ll notify everyone via the website and flyers on all the bulletin boards in Timberlake.

Another reminder for ATV’ers…please remember that you should not be driving on electrical easements and/or private property.  One incident occurred in the McKinley County portion of the development.  ATV’s are only allowed on the road or your own private property.  Children should be wearing helmets and the speed limit is 20 mph, regardless of the signs for vehicles on the roads.

If you have any suggestions or questions for the Neighborhood Watch Group, please send to us at www.timberlakewatch@gmail.com or call Mary Jo Wallen at 783-4207 or Nancy Wills at 783-2457.

We’ve made a lot of progress the past couple of years and we want to thank everyone who helps patrol the area and who are just “more aware” of what’s going on in our community.  A list of the Coordinators and other valuable information can be found on the website and the bulletin boards.

Mary Jo Wallen, Co-Coordinator    Nancy Wills, Co-Coordinator

783-4207      783-2457

Law Enforcement Forum Sept 2014

Emergency 911 databases

(Posted 3-18-14) Calls have been made from residents of Timberlake Ranch to the 911 emergency number and the arrival of Sheriff's Deputies was delayed somewhat due to the fact that there was no official physical street address posted at the property. Many landowners have not taken the necessary steps to obtain these very important addresses. There have been instances across the country of physical street addresses not matching up with the telephone number associated with that address in the 911 emergency databases. If you have such a mismatch it can be disastrous, even life-threatening.

These address numbers are standardized and provided by the county. (You don't go buy decorative ones on your own.) These same numbers are used by Fed-ex and UPS for deliveries. In order to obtain your number you must contact McKinley County at 505-863-9517. They handle all of Timberlake Ranch, even those parts that are in Cibola County. They will then tell you what steps to take to obtain your street address. (Note: this is entirely different than your post office address.)

On to a different, but related topic. There have been many instances across the country of physical addresses not matching up with the telephone number associated with that address in the 911 emergency databases. If you have such a mismatch it can be disastrous. When you call 911 the dispatcher notes your physical street address in the database. If it's wrong, emergency services may be directed to the wrong location. It's very simple to check this out. DO NOT CALL 911 TO DO THIS! Instead, call 505-722-2002 and the dispatcher will check your address and telephone match up. Of course you must call from your home phone here in Timberlake to do all this.

The importance of obtaining a rural address marker for your property, making records of serial numbers of valuables, making photo records, adding automatic lights that come on when someone approaches at night, and proper door locks were also discussed. Certainly there is much that can be done to reduce crime in our community.