Minutes of TRLA Board Meeting Aug. 21,2004
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Pat Wallace opened the meeting at 10:10am. The two Board Members, Jerry Ackerman and Joseph Wuchte were introduced. Hoot gave a brief bio on Jerry. Joseph told a little about himself.

New employees were introduced. Bob Myers is the Ranch Foreman. Robert Unkestine is a part-time grader operator. Gary Kelly is a part-time brushhog operator. He will help plow the snow in winter and help with maintenance on Common Areas. Marion Haddow is the new bathhouse cleaning person. Maryah Maki was introduced as secretary.

All Board Members but Jerry were present.

The Agenda was read and approved.

Maryah Maki, the office secretary, read the Minutes of the July 17 Board Meeting. Howard made a motion to accept the Minutes with the exception of three changes:

Katheen Boller did not get property tax information to go to Court, but to the County Commission. Howard said that 200, not 400 e-mails had not been passed on. Harry Hutton made the motion to stop the Board from discussing division of TRLA.

Hoot seconded the motion, and it passed. (The changes were made to the minutes.)

Treasury Report: (Howard Williams)

The Treasury Reports for June and July as read by Howard are attached.

Howard also talked some about delinquent dues.
There are 313 landowners that are delinquent in their dues.

Howard said that no liens had been placed on properties for delinquent dues since the Allen Lawsuit had been filed.

Howard mentioned that he had two copies of the bylaws available for those who wanted them; they may be purchased for $1 per page.

Roads Committee Report: (Hoot Gibson)

Hoot said that Harry wanted him to give the report. Hoot said that Harry had gotten a lot of the groundwork done on the road with the petition that was put out to make the road a Residential Road. The survey that he and Roger did to the roads enabled priorities to be set and acted upon in order of need. Hoot said that they had found a Highway Dept. employee that was willing to help with the road. He said that Robert Unkestine could work the Timberlake Road when they got permission from the county. Hoot said quite a bit of work had to be done on the Timberlake road by the Cibola County (from cattleguard to cattleguard), but he wasn't sure if the county would do any more of the road. Hoot said that if the county didn't do the section from the cattleguard to the firestation that the Board would make sure that it got done if they had the money.

Someone mentioned that the Grader Operator didn't seem to be doing a proper job on the roads. Hoot said that he was aware of this, and had talked to Robert to get this fixed. He said that Robert would be going back over the road to fit the problem areas. Hoot said that if the Board found that Robert couldn't do this job correctly, then he wouldn't be doing the job. Someone asked how the Grader Blade had gotten damaged. Hoot said that it had gone over a root which broke apart the blade. The damage was $1,500 to repair (a hydraulic piston rod had to be replaced). Hoot said that Gary Kelly was going to do the Brushhogging work and maintenance work around the Ranch and that he was a part-time employee.

Three loads of gravel were being placed on Elk, and one load on Lobo.

Architectural Committee: (Hoot Gibson)

Hoot said that only one plan for the committee had been submitted. It was Mr. St. Charles on Lobo. The plan was reviewed and approved. Mr. St. Charles has already started on it.

Ranch Report:

Pat said that we have all of the main and side roads brushhogged and looking good. The Grader Operator had ¾ of the roads graded, and that he would fix the roads with problems. He said once that was done, we would only have Robert grading the Timberlake Road once a week when we had permission for that.
Pat said that $7000 had been spent so far on the roads, but since the two employees that worked them were on as-needed basis, that would go down.
Pat said he hoped to get people in each section to help plow the snow on the side roads. He didn't think that one tractor could do it all fast enough to help everyone that needed to get out. The main grader would do the main road, but hopefully we could get some people to do the side roads.

Key System:

Richard said that he still hadn't got the people to come down to give the price quote on a new swipe card key system, but that he would report that price when he received the quote.

New Blades for snowplowing:

Richard gave a report on a price and place for getting a new snowplow blade.
Pat said that we would get the snowplowing situation worked out before the snow flies.

Report on Letter Sent to Business about our roads:

Maryah Maki read a letter sent to businesses that travel the Timberlake Road asking them to please not speed. It also had a section that they would fill out and send back to us that asked Cibola County to label the road as Residential Road.
Several Businesses were suggested that should also receive this letter.


Pat asked Richard, Joseph, and Hoot to try to shop around for new insurance, because the insurance we had went up every year.

Report on new Deputy Sheriff Patrolling our Road:

A letter was read that was written to Timberlake residents by Deputy White who lives in and patrols our area.

Requests from TRLA members to speak:

Rosalie Bianchi talked about putting in the newsletter the information about possibly splitting up the Association into smaller associations.

Someone said that the Board may need to address the issue of mean dogs that were on the road. It was discussed and most people thought that a leash rule wasn't needed, but that if a dog was posing problems, the Board could discuss it with the member who owned the dog.

Several members had questions as to why they were not allowed to apply for Board membership, specifically since they were women.

Lawrence Lee said he was appreciative of all the Board Members who served TRLA. He was concerned about security of homes and property; he believed the value of Timberlake area property was going down. What could we do about this? Also, he mentioned the maintenance of the Ranch.

Ted Broderick spoke about a conversation that Howard Williams had with Holzy McGuire about the TRLA Association. He passed out a typed summary of what Mr. McGuire said the conversation included. Howard Williams objected to many of the things that were written. He said that it was not a true summary of what had been said.

Someone asked that each board member give his opinion on what they felt about dividing the association into several smaller associations.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00pm.